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Your furnace and air conditioner work hard throughout the year. As a result, dirt and debris accumulate within the furnace, coils, and filters while the burners, flame sensor, and pilot can become corroded and eventually fail when you need them most.

Our total Maintenance And Prevention services will keep your furnace and air conditioner running safely, reliably, and efficiently so you and your family save money and are comfortable year-round.

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Maintenance And Prevention service $189*

  • New customers only. Renewal price $259.

MAP Services Include:

Two Annual Visits that Include:

  • Inspect condition of Blower Wheel
  • Inspect and test all electrical components and connections
  • Inspect and test all electrical disconnects
  • Inspect for any signs of biological growth
  • Inspect for any efficiency losses, including ductwork, ventilation, insulation
  • Inspect ductwork for leaks
  • Inspect gas line (if applicable)
  • Inspect gas furnace flue (if applicable)
  • Pressure test of ductwork
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check dryer vent
  • Check health of Compressor
  • Check Emergency heat operation (if applicable)
  • Check Defrost cycle operation (if applicable)
  • Check gas furnace cycle and operation (if applicable)
  • Check Drain Safeties
  • Clear the drain line
  • Chemically clean the evaporator Coil
  • Wipe down the indoor/outdoor cabinet.
  • Wash the outdoor unit
  • Documentation of filter size and condition
  • Photographs of components, electrical connections, ductwork, etc., including any issues found
  • Photographs and labeling of equipment for future needs.

MAP benefits:

·         Lower utility costs

·         Extended equipment life

·         Decreased unexpected repairs

·         Improved air quality

·         Increased comfort

·         Documentation for warranty compliance

·         Peace of mind knowing your equipment is operating safely

·         15% discount on Emergency Repairs

·         Priority service

·         Comprehensive system health report

·         Automated scheduling reminders

·         Monthly e-newsletter

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