Stuffed Animals: What Dreams Are Made Of

As always, your comfort comes first at On Time Air. And our team is extending that comfort to our ongoing stuffed animal drive.

Helping Others

When first responders answer the call to help a child, one of the ways they immediately ease that child’s stress is by gifting them a stuffed animal. That stuffed animal quickly transforms into a needed best friend and fulfills its purpose by offering comfort.

So What’s the Story, On Time Air?

Here’s what made us choose a stuffed animal drive to help in our Savannah, GA and Greer, SC area communities.

It actually began with our owner, Bryan Donaldson, on his 40th birthday.

Bryan and his family were celebrating his day with adventurous activities—boating, a rope course, parasailing, and swimming. Following their afternoon of fun, the family returned to their boat to head back home to Savannah. Upon climbing in to the wet-deck boat, that’s when it happened.

Seven-year-old Grace slipped and hit her head, suffering a three-inch gash to the back of it.

One Unicorn and Lots of Smiles

Bryan contacted 911 to apprise them of his daughter’s circumstances even though they were still at least 20 minutes from help. Upon finally arriving at the nearest marina, the emergency medical services (EMS), the fire department, and police officers, who were there waiting, assessed Grace’s gash and determined it needed medical attention but wasn’t life-threatening.

Before heading off to the hospital, one of the police officers pulled a stuffed unicorn from his car and handed it to Grace. That was the game changer.

Grace had a new best friend through her hospital experience and afterward at home during her rest and recovery. The stuffed unicorn provided much needed comfort throughout everything.

It’s Our Turn

It was upon reflection where Bryan recognized how powerful that simple stuffed unicorn was by turning a frightening event around for a seven-year-old girl. As a result, he decided to make a difference. He wanted to aid other children who needed help in difficult situations for whatever reason.

This is why we are asking you to contribute to our stuffed animal drive. We want to help stock first responders with little stuffed balls of comfort for as many young children as possible.

Help Us Today With Your Support!

If you would like to help by donating a stuffed animal, get in touch with our On Time Air team for more details. You can drop something off with us or we are happy to come by and pick it up. Whatever works best for you.

Give us a call at  912-210-4901 if you are in the Savannah area and call 864-553-9574 if you are in the Greer, SC area. Or send us an email. We are grateful for your help!

On Time Air owner's daughter after her accident, holding her stuffed animal in Savannah, GA

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